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Call Recording (Inbound or Outbound)

Capture important information and boost team performance.

  • Relax and let the conversation flow, with all the details recorded for later
  • Provide customer service and sales training and feedback to your team
  • Built-in prompts to ensure you stay compliant with call recording regulations

To use this feature, you will need to have or buy an Zintel number.

What is Call Recording?

Built-in call recording to improve
your service and accuracy.

Record calls at the touch of a button and access your recordings via your MyZintel Customer Portal. We have inbound and outbound call recording options. You can use these recordings for quality assurance, sales training and fact-checking.

Why Call Recording?

Capture call information and improve customer experience.

Let conversation flow

Your staff can relax and focus on great customer service with all the important details on record. They can play back any customer conversation for reference later instead of scrambling to take notes.

Provide staff training

Use recorded calls to assess and provide feedback to your team. Help them get better at customer service or sales, and have more profitable, productive conversations with your customers.

Stay compliant

Our built-in prompts will ensure you stay compliant with call recording regulations. And recording your inbound or outbound calls can also help you comply in other areas of your business.

How does it work?

Your calls automatically recorded for you.


Inbound Recording

Outbound Recording


Who uses Call Recording?

For businesses that want to capture accurate information from calls.

I routinely have long, complex discussions with customers about technical problems. It’s such a boon now that we can record all our calls and check back on any call to confirm measurements, requirements or deadlines.
Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Pauline manages quality control in a large call centre. Part of her job involves following up customer disputes and assessing what went wrong.

She can do this within minutes of the call by playing it back via our online portal. After listening to the call, she can find out whether the employee on the call needs more training or the customer was difficult.

This helps her to develop training programs to upskill her team and help them deal with complex problems. And she can follow up with the customer – without asking them to repeat their problem.

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Features Compatibility

Compatibility with inbound numbers.

Available with

1300 Number

1300 number is more memorable, more professional, and more attractive for prospective customers.

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1800 Number

1800 number gives your business a greater competitive edge, enabling your customers to call you toll-free.

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Smart Number

Smart Number are 1300 numbers1800 numbers or 13 numbers followed by a word, such as 1300 zintel or 1800 service.

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Local Virtual Number

Local numbers allow you to tailor your phone number for different geographic locations, so you appear as a local wherever you advertise.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. The specific laws differ between states, but the general rule is that you must inform callers about your recording at the start of the conversation. Our call recording feature adds this prompt for you.

You can select what percentage of calls you’d like us to record.

You can access your recordings via your MyZintel portal.

We store your call recordings for up to three months.

Inbound Call Recording

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