A guide to 1300 numbers

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A guide to 1300 numbers

Key takeaways 

1300 numbers allow your customers to dial you directly from anywhere in Australia
Zintel toll-free numbers cost as little as $15 a month
– 1300 numbers transform your SME into a large, professional company


Establishing a customised 1300 inbound number is a smart way of giving a slick and professional image, particularly when it really is a medium or small business. Many Australian companies use 1300 numbers to transform their image and stoke customer interest. 1300 toll numbers are widely viewed as the most popular kind of national company phone numbers.

The beauty of utilising a 1300 number is that the customer can reach you anywhere in Australia at the cost of a local telephone call.

A 1300 number enables your company to seize control of incoming calls and direct them where you want almost in real time.

Toll numbers can boost your business as callers are greeted professionally with a tailored message. Then, your call is swiftly routed to another line that was designated, or your mobile, or your voicemail. Customer messages are sent to your own e-mail as attachments and can be converted into audio files.

Are 1300 numbers free?

1300 numbers are not free to call.

A call to a 1300 number from a landline within Australia will be charged at the local rate. This is often a low, untimed charge.

Calls made to 1300 numbers from mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a timed rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

Calling from 13/1300 call charges
Landline Fixed: Low charge
Mobile Timed: Rates vary
Payphones Fixed: Low charge


What will it cost to get a 1300 number?

From a starter deal at $15 a month to a very popular $35 a month package, plus a high volume deal at $70 per month, there is a range of packages from the leading Australian 1300 provider Zintel.

There are 12 customised features that Zintel supplies together with your virtual telephone number like Voice-to-Email, Call Announce and Day Routing. All Zintel 1300 toll-free number packages include these 12 crucial attributes at no added price and give you the flexibility to cancel your account at any time with no contracts.

You can also get a custom quote from a Zintel concierge if the packages do not cover all your needs. The concierge is an Australian-based product specialist who can help a potential customer with the various options on offer.


Why 1300 toll numbers are important to business

The key advantage in getting a 1300 number is the fact that it gives your business a professional look, branding it with local and national appeal, hence providing you with an edge over your competitors.

Having a 1300 number enables customers from all over the country to call you at a low, local rate, and your business gets an increased reach.

The manner in which you manage your incoming call traffic is essential to your operation. A 1300 number allows you to redirect your inbound calls to places or other numbers within your workplace. Additionally, it provides you the facility of redirecting calls during times of chaotic call traffic.

You can take your number along with you wherever you go in Australia. And you are able to choose to possess sound voicemails sent to multiple emails of your choosing.



Is it free to call a 1300 number?

A call to a 1300 number from a landline within Australia will be charged at the local rate. This is often a low, untimed charge.

Is it free to call a 1300 number from a mobile?

Calls made to 1300 numbers from mobile phones will be charged to the caller at a timed rate determined by their mobile phone carrier.

Is a 1300 number different to an 1800 number?

1300 and 1800 numbers are both virtual inbound numbers. However, calls to 1300 numbers from landlines incur charges. Calls from mobile phones are charged at timed rates for both types of services.

How soon can I get connected if I want a 1300 number for my business?

Simple connections with calls answered on your landline or mobile can be established within two business days.

It’s possible to add other call management features such as Call Routing, Call Completion or Call Reporting features to your service at a subsequent date.

Contact Zintel to discuss what this Australian 1300 number provider can do for your business: https://www.zintel.com.au

How do 1300 numbers work in Australia?

1300 toll numbers are numbers that can be used anywhere, regardless of geography (unlike a fixed phone line). Inbound calls to these numbers are directed to a landline or mobile service number.

When a call is placed to a 1300 number, the call enters the network, and a search then finds the relevant routing strategy that applies to the toll number.

Once the routing strategy is established, the call proceeds to its destination. This occurs instantaneously, so the caller doesn’t experience any delay.

How can I get a 1300 number?

A company such as Zintel provides these 1300 numbers. If you approach them, Zintel will give you access to the list of available virtual inbound numbers, from which you can choose the combination of digits that appeals to you. Zintel will then activate the number quickly.

With Zintel, it is a simple, three-step sign-up process via their website: https://shop.zintel.com.au/

Can I port my existing 1300 number to a different service?

If you already have a 1300 number with one telco, you can port it across to another telco that offers a deal more tailored to your requirements.

Zintel can transfer or port your existing number. That means no change for your customers.

Can I pick my own 1300 number?

You can ask your provider for a list of available inbound numbers. Then, you can choose the right 1300 number that complements your company.

Can I get more than one 1300 number for my business?

Additional inbound numbers can be allocated to you depending on your needs.

If you wish to avail of the features that Zintel offers, give a call on 1800 946 835 and an Zintel specialist will help you through the  simple process of setting up a 1300 number that complements and benefits your business.

If I get a 1300 number, do I have to bring across my landline and mobile too?

1300 numbers do not need to be with the same telecom provider as your other phone numbers.

Contact Zintel on 1800 946 835 to discuss what ideal package they can offer you.

What kind of call reports can you get from a 1300 number service?

Analytics reports from Zintel can show you the location-based information, how many calls are being missed, what times of day when people are calling, and much more.

How do I make sure all my 1300 calls get answered?

Zintel Call Management Features take care of this for you.  If you have missed your calls because your answer point is busy for a period of time. Zintel Call Overflow feature will make sure your call can then be routed to a second appropriate answer point.

If there’s no one to take the call at your second answer point, Voice-to-Email feature acts as a backup for your service. You will receive your customer’s voice recording as an email so that all your voice messages are waiting for you in your mailbox.

Can my 1300 number be dialed from outside Australia?

You will need to research which countries can dial a 1300 number in Australia.  It may work for some countries, while it may not work for some others.

If a caller can make contact with an Australian 1300 number from overseas, they will be charged based on their local network’s rates. They will have to dial the overseas code of their country, followed by the Australian code (61), and then your 1300 number.


Why choose Zintel?

  • Allows new customers to port existing numbers
  • Offers 12 call management features as part of the package
  • Backed by Australian experts who can provide tailored solutions
  • Features responsive 24/7 customer support
  • You can pick one of the three packages on offer or customise one that best suits your business needs


What customers say about Zintel

Founded in 1995, it is Australia’s leading cloud-based phone system.

One customer, Michael Ingram of Maicom, the 1300 solution was what was needed. “”Maicom needed a professional and easy way to be found nationally and the implementation of a Zintel 1300 solution is exactly what was required.”

Financial controller Michael Alafaci likes the easy accessibility. “With Zintel’s solution, our operations manager can log in from anywhere and assess the calls received by our stores. We are enjoying great benefit from the system.”

With the addition of a 1300 number, customer Graham has gained a professional profile for his electrical company. His customers can now contact him at the cost of a local call.