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Percentage Call Splaying

Split incoming calls and
optimise sales and service.

  • Capture more opportunities with more ways to pick up every call
  • Distribute your calls based on a pre-set ratio across multiple answer points
  • Provide better customer service with tools to help you answer every call

To use this feature, you will need to have or buy an Zintel number.

What is Percentage Call Splaying?

Decide how you distribute calls to your team.

A really powerful tool for call centres, Zintel’s Percentage Call Splaying is a feature that allows you to split your inbound calls any way you choose. You can also distribute leads to sales teams the way you prefer. For example, a bigger portion of leads going to more senior sales reps while less leads go to the more junior ones to maximise your conversion rates.

Or you can alternatively, have 60% of your calls coming to your call centre and the remaining 40% routed to your internal staff. Small businesses and contractors benefit too. You can create rules to divert calls to your mobile, a business partner or colleague, or a portion to your Virtual Receptionist.

Why use Percentage Call Splaying?

The flexibility you need to manage your calls effectively.

Efficiently distribute the workload

You can use Percentage Call Splaying to distribute work evenly amongst agents or break down your distribution plan into different portions depending on agent experience levels.

Easily manage busier periods

Redirect part of the calls to a Virtual Receptionist or call centre to help you answer the extra calls at busier times of the year such as Christmas or just after a marketing campaign.

Split calls upon performance

You can either use Percentage Call Splaying to distribute sales leads evenly amongst agents or break down your distribution plan into different portions depending on team performance.

How does it work?

Distribute your incoming calls the way you want.

Who uses Call Overflow Least Recent?

Teams and individuals who don’t want to miss a single call.

The team is more satisfied with the process after Zintel. They know everyone gets the same % of calls over the course of the month.
Zintel Customer

Zintel Customer Case Study

Peter heads up a team of six salespeople across different parts of Australia. With a single 1800 number for all enquiries, he needs a fair way to provide all his agents with leads.

With our Percentage Call Splaying feature, Peter is able to equally distribute all incoming calls. Each salesperson receives the same number of enquiries and sales opportunities to their mobile each month. Peter’s happy because it automates the process for him. And his team are happy because they know they’re being treated fairly.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. For example, if you want to distribute calls equally among a team of four, you’d send 25% of calls to each phone. Or if you wanted one answer point to handle most calls, you might select 75% for one phone, and 25% for another.

We include up to four answering points. If you need to add more to your plan, please contact us for a quote.

No. Calls are not distributed on a call by call basis, however over the course of a month calls will be split across answerpoints at the percentages requested.

Percentage Call Splaying

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