5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A 1300 Number

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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A 1300 Number

No matter what type of business you have – start-up or established, marketing or consulting, trade or retail – there are many ways you can benefit from obtaining a 1300 number.

An Australian 1300 number is also known as a ‘local call’ number. It’s a widely used and accepted communication solution, utilised by many Australian businesses to receive incoming phone calls from clients and customers. So why exactly are 1300 numbers so popular? And what can they do for your business?

Let’s take a look at five great reasons for your business to obtain its own 1300 number.

  1. It improves your customer service abilities.

The beauty of a 1300 number is that you can direct its incoming calls to any phone number – landlines, mobile phones, and international numbers included. This allows you great flexibility and availability to answer all incoming calls promptly – which is exactly what any customer wants from a business.

With a 1300 number, you never have to miss a business opportunity by letting a phone call go unanswered. Incoming customer calls can be easily directed to whichever avenue is most convenient, quick and appropriate for their needs.

  1. It contributes to your professional identity and credibility.

1300 numbers are nationally recognised, with over 300,000 professional Australian businesses using them. For this reason, they come with a sense of instant credibility, professionalism and trustworthiness.

This type of number can also help you establish your business identity. When you obtain a 1300 number, you have the option to customise it to suit your business. You can choose a number that corresponds to the letters on a keypad to spell out a word – for example, 1300-NUMBER (which is actually 1300 686 237). This is a great way to consolidate your business identity and to ensure your phone number is one that customers will remember.

  1. It’s a cost-effective, reliable communication solution.

Customers don’t want to pay expensive call costs to get in touch with your business, which is why a 1300 number is so effective. Callers pay a local call rate when calling from a landline, or the standard rate set by their provider when calling from a mobile phone.

The remainder of the call cost is covered by the business – and when you look into the rates and plans offered by trusted 1300 number providers, you might be pleasantly surprised by the reasonable costs. Basically, you’re getting all the benefits of a big corporate phone system for only a fraction of what you might expect to pay. It’s a win-win situation!

  1. It’s a user-friendly system.

1300 numbers are extremely user-friendly. There’s no installation of new equipment, hardware or phone lines; no change of number if you happen to move your business’ location; no missed calls or loss of mobility for your business if you’re out and about. Plus, with a 1300 number, it’s never been easier for your business to manage, direct and assess all your incoming calls.

Furthermore, 1300 numbers are user-friendly for consumers as well as the businesses that use them. Consumers know that a 1300 number means only the cost of a local call, so they won’t hesitate to contact you – and remember, you can customise your number to make it as easy to remember as possible!

  1. It can improve your marketing strategy.

Here’s a handy tip for improving your marketing approach and strategy with a 1300 number. When distributing advertisements through a number of different avenues (such as online ads, newspaper ads and Yellow Pages listings), try using a separate phone number for each one. This allows you to track and record the number of customer calls generated by each advertisement.

In turn, this tells you which of your advertisements (and phone numbers) your potential customers are most likely to respond to, allowing you to make a more informed decision when it comes to future marketing strategies.


If you’re ready to make the jump over to a 1300 number, be sure to contact a reliable and trusted provider such as Zintel to see what they can do for you. With a tailored communications plan that includes a 1300 number, you’re sure to see your business grow and thrive.