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Find your Smart Number.

A Smart Number is a smart business decision.

Benefits of Smart Number

Become More Memorable By Your Customers

A Smart Number is simply easier to remember because it’s catchy and unique. Customers can memorise your number just by seeing it once. Which means when it comes time to call you, they won’t even need to look you up.

Increase Call Volume.
Get More Sales Calls

More people call Smart Numbers and more people recommend them to their friends. So get ready for your business to enjoy more new business calls.

Reach a National Audience Advertise Australia Wide

Smart Numbers aren’t limited to your local area so your business can actually reach all of Australia. Whether you’re ready to expand now or down the track, a Smart Number gives your business more options.

Appear Bigger Than You Are

Smart Numbers tell your customers you’re a trustworthy, professional business. If you’re just starting out, a Smart Number will also suggest that your business is bigger than you actually are. This will give you the business leads to grow into the business you want to become.

Smart businesses that use Smart Numbers.

Own your business number through ACMA

Finding the right number

There are thousands of available numbers to choose from. Search in our Smart Number Search tool to see what’s available to suit your business needs to reach your audience.

Buy Your Number Direct

Zintel will assist you in buying the number directly from ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) so you own it and will have control of it no matter what provider you’re with.

Issues with Leasing

Other companies will buy your number from ACMA directly then lease back to you. Since they purchased it from ACMA, they officially own the number so changing providers in the future could be difficult.

Why Zintel?

Trusted and loved by thousands of Australian
businesses – just like you.

Personalised Support

Australian based 24/7 technical support. We’re here when you need us.

Always Reliable

Tier 1 corporate grade network. With 99.97%* uptime, it’s a network that you can rely on.

Toll Free Number Experts

We manage over 5 million calls and over 1,500 support enquiries monthly.

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