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5 Things Customers Want When They Dial Your Business

 Things Customers Want When They Dial Your Business

If customers have a bad experience when they call your business number, they likely won’t bother to communicate it. They’ll instead just hang up and probably go elsewhere. So how do you determine what customers really want when they ring? Here are some helpful hints.

Meeting customer expectations at the first point of contact

eVoice offers a range of phone numbers to suit all business needs. Our toll-free numbersprovide businesses with the services, support and dedication that only a tier one provider can deliver. Each number from eVoice provides businesses with a range of additional call features that improve productivity, enhance service and take the hassle out of managing calls on a daily basis.When customers phone your business number, they expect:

1. Professionalism and politeness. Clients won’t want to experience informality, laziness or boredom, or talk to someone who sounds too busy. An inviting welcoming tone is crucial.

2. To get information quickly. This is what some call the “lethal background rustling.” How many times have you experienced a human operator saying “Erm, I’ll just check that…” then heard the desperate sounds of flipping though a manual to find the answer? It doesn’t inspire confidence.

3. Not to wait in a phone queue. Hold music can be lethal when it comes to customer patience. How many times have you been stuck on hold, and then simply given up?

4. To feel they’ve been understood. Your customers want to feel that their needs have been clearly communicated and processed, and there will be a desirable outcome.

5. To be transferred to the appropriate area. It’s quite annoying to be on hold for thirty minutes and then get transferred to the wrong department. Customers don’t want to be bounced around the telephone maze.

Automated systems for a better customer experience

An American Express Survey in 2011 found that 78% of customers withdraw from a transaction after experiencing poor customer service.

This statistic shows the importance of the first point of contact, and why it needs to be an excellent experience. If your current phone system isn’t achieving results for you, then it’s probably time to think about an alternative.

eVoice’s eReceptionist, available with 131300 or 1800 numbers, can help streamline your business phone operations, and make sure your customers are not turned off doing business with you because of an inefficient phone system or human error!

eReceptionist ensures calls are always answered promptly and professionally with a Customised Greeting of your choice, and are automatically directed to the appropriate department with the Call Routing feature. Others features of this handy tool include Voice-to-Email, and Call Recording, so you can be assured that calls aren’t being missed or dropped.