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Voice-to-Email: Get on With Your Work, Anywhere

Voice-to-Email: Get on With Your Work, Anywhere

eVoice’s Voice-to-Email system helps you stay on top of important voice messages by letting you listen to them via email delivery. There are times when you don’t want to be tied up on the phone, especially if an important call is due or when you are travelling overseas. By using Voice-to-Email, you can screen your phone messages on your computer, note which ones need your urgent attention, and respond accordingly.

Voice-to-Email takes voice messages, turns them into audio files and sends them to the email account of your choice. The advantage of this is not only that you have a ready-made archive of customer calls that you can save on your computer, but you can listen to messages at anytime, from anywhere, even without your phone in hand.

Get messages no matter where you are

Voice-to-Email comes into its own in areas where there is poor mobile reception. You may not even be able to receive calls to your mobile, but with Voice-to-Email you will receive the message as long as you can get emails. The service comes free with eVoice’s eReceptionist and is most convenient when you have Wi-Fi for those times when you want to check messages on the run. The advantages of this are clear when you are travelling overseas. The cost of international mobile roaming can be prohibitive, so it makes sense to check your phone messages after they’ve been redirected to your email account and only respond to those messages that you know need immediate attention.

Voice-to-Email means you don’t miss a thing

Because Voice-to-Email allows archiving, you can file away messages into different folders – marked ‘urgent’ or ‘follow up at EOFY’, for example. But it also means that you are not trying to absorb information while you are out of the office or at home, when you might not be able to give work your full attention. Voice-to-Email means you have the luxury of listening to messages when you feel most comfortable and when you have time to make a considered decision about them.

Naturally, no one is suggesting you don’t listen to your messages as soon as you can! You want to be able to make call backs ASAP if needed. But the major business benefit is when you receive a customer query or business proposition that requires more thought, it’s nice to be able to listen back and process the information later. Voice-to-Email gives you the chance to do this, making sure you also give those urgent messages the attention they deserve.