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How Smart Numbers Can Benefit Your Business

How Smart Numbers Can Benefit Your Business

Smart Numbers are 131800 or 1300 numbers that can act as a useful marketing tool for your business, increasing your brand visibility and making it easier for your customers to contact you.

Smart Numbers either convert a phone number to words, or use a repeat number sequence that is easily remembered, for instance 1800 PLUMBER or 1800 20 20 20.

Here’s a few of the many benefits of Smart Numbers for businesses.

A memorable brand

Choosing a number that uses your business name or another business-related term promotes your brand, and makes it much easier for your customers to remember. A numerical sequence or something that converts a phone number to words is much catchier than a normal, random number.

Stamps your business with authority

People are very used to Smart Numbers and identify them as a proper business contact. They also give the impression of a much larger organisation than might actually be the case. For instance, calling a mobile phone number of a plumbing business reveals instantly that the plumber is a sole trader. But with a 1800 number, the caller is unaware that the business is a one-man operation, which may make them feel more secure in dealing with you.

Expands your reach

Having a 1800 number in Australia means you’re not restricted by area code. It gives you a national reach, and the possibility that customers who wouldn’t normally call your business because of the area code now will. So you instantly have potential access to thousands of customers you otherwise would miss out on.

Makes the business truly mobile

Think about how expensive it can be to move offices or relocate to another state. Not only are you being hit with moving costs, but you lose your phone number as well.

A Smart Number solves this problem. You keep the number regardless of where you move to, so there’s no need to update all your marketing materials or contact existing customers to let them know that you have moved. It’s business as usual!

Smart numbers give your business an edge

The benefits of Smart Numbers are many, and they serve as a tool that not only promotes your business but also helps to attract and retain existing customers. So find out how to obtain a 1800 number, and watch your business grow.