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Smart Numbers and eReceptionist Make Start-Up Life Easy

Smart Numbers and eReceptionist Make Start-Up Life Easy

Smart numbers are 13 numbers, 1300 numbers or 1800 phone numbers that are repetitious or convert phone numbers to words. Smart numbers can associate a particular word with your business. If you’re opening a mobile donut stand for example, you might want 1800 DONUTS as your smart number. Or you might just want a toll-free number that is easily remembered, such as 1800 131 131.

A smart number isn’t just a cute gimmick, it’s a mnemonic – an easy way of remembering a number that otherwise might be hard for customers to recall. It’s much easier to remember 1800 QBOOKS than 1800 726 657, which is the number it represents. And the more customers who can remember your number, the more calls you get. This is great for start-ups that have a mobile phone for an office and a bedroom for the shop front.

Another advantage of smart numbers is that, unlike a vanilla phone number, they double as free advertising. Every time a person dials 1800 QBOOKS, they are bringing to mind the name of your business.

eReceptionist adds icing to the smart number cake

A smart number helps customers memorise how to get in touch with you. But what happens when they get through? Missed phone calls are missed opportunities, as are phone calls answered when you don’t have time to talk or when it’s inconvenient. In the past, companies hired receptionists to sit in the office and redirect incoming calls. As a small business or a start-up, you want to come across as professional and timely, but you might be operating on a shoestring with no budget for auxiliary staff.

evoice’s eReceptionist provides a 24/7 solution. It’s a system that turns an automated answering service into a traditional receptionist. eReceptionist forwards calls, sends voice messages to your email account, can tell the difference between personal and business calls, and connects potential customers with a customised greeting. It even has a back-up number, so that when calls are coming in thick and fast you don’t miss any.

If you have eReceptionist, customers are greeted by a message recorded by a professional voiceover artist. From there customers choose where they want to be sent to, or eReceptionist will redirect depending on the rules you’ve established.

How to make your business stand out

It’s hard to cut through the noise that competing businesses make. You know you have a good product or service, but other people need to know about it. With a smart number, you are already cutting through, whether you choose an easily remembered series of numbers, or convert phone numbers to words such as your business name or a related term.

By the time your customers get through to you, they will already be impressed by the thought that’s gone into your business model. That’s because your smart number and eReceptionist are out there working for you 24/7.