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professionally recorded voiceover

Professional Voiceover Business Phone Greetings: Almost Free!

Some people have the kind of voice you could listen to all day. As a small business owner, you might be lucky enough to be one them. But if you’re not, or if you are often not available to answer your phone because of the work you do, it’s nice to know that one of these golden-voiced people is working on your behalf every time your business phone rings.

That’s the advantage of setting up a 1800 number or a 1300 number through eVoice – instead of your voice, customers can be greeted by a professional voiceover artist reading your Customised Greeting and giving them the standard keypad options.

Getting your message across in a professional manner

How do you get in touch with a professional voiceover person if you decide your voice isn’t suitable for a business phone greeting? eVoice has a number of professional voiceover artists they can recommend to you. You will be given a list of the types of people available, including gender and age. This way you can control the image your business is projecting over the phone.

You then provide a script of what you want to say about your business and the options available to callers. This script is recorded by the voiceover artist of your choice in a professional recording studio, which means there won’t be any kids calling out or dogs barking in the background! Instead you will have a clean, professional sounding message that immediately tells customers they have reached a business that has its act together.

The charge for this recording service is $100 for 30 seconds, which is less than the cost of hiring studio time and talent yourself – even if you had the time or inclination to do it. eVoice’s service gives you the voice you need without the hassle.

The importance of a good reception

The point of having a professionally recorded customised greeting is to give customers the best reception possible. Right from the start, the caller will be judging whether or not they want to continue using your business. If the message they get on first contact sounds too pushy, or rushed, or unprofessional – or if they don’t understand it – chances are they will hang up and dial the next number on their list. Having a well-scripted phone greeting read out by someone who sounds like the kind of person answering the phones at much bigger companies will help inspire confidence in them that your business is the right choice.