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How to Get Phone Words and Make Your Business Memorable

How to Get Phone Words and Make Your Business Memorable

If you really want to power-pack your business phone number, why not choose a phone word as part of a Smart Number to make your company stand out from the crowd?

Smart Numbers either have a memorable numeric pattern, or spell out a word through the alphanumeric keypad.
Rather than having to remember a long sequence of random numbers, your customers only have to think of the word and its prefix. The prefix can be a 13, 1300 or 1800 number, according to your requirements.

They are a potent marketing tool. Every time a customer dials your business number, they will also be dialing and reinforcing your name, product or service as spelled out in your phone word.

Which phone number, as an example, is easier to remember: 1800 EVOICE or 1800 946 835? More and more companies are seeing the benefit of phone words and using them in their business.

So how to get phone words?

Plenty of phone and telecommunication companies offer Smart Numbers, including eVoice. We can help you sort out the right one for you.

Bear in mind that phone words which are very popular and in high demand – ie 13 TAXI – are extremely valuable, attracting a much higher price than a less obvious and memorable word or word combination.

Also remember that your nominated combination of prefix and word may not be available, so be flexible if you can. The word you require may be an option with a 1300 prefix where the 1800 is taken, for instance.

How do I choose a good phone word?

Make it memorable. While many businesses choose their own business name or a version of it, it might be too unusual to make a good phone word. Phone words are phonetic, so simple words are best. For example, your business name might be Peate’s Plumbing. But avoid 1300 PEATES as the spelling of ‘Peate’ is less common than ‘Pete’, and will likely cause some misdirected calls.

How much do phone words cost?

Smart Numbers will vary widely in price, depending on their desirability. The broader the word – ie 1300 CAR LOANS rather than 1300 ABC LOANS – the more valuable it will be in the marketplace.

13 numbers carry a higher price than 1300 or 1800 numbers, as they are shorter and easiest of all to remember.

Speak to a telecommunications company if you want to convert phone numbers to words, and check out your options. Remember, once it’s gone, it’s gone. Smart Numbers cannot be duplicated, so don’t hang around if you have a special one in mind. Someone might beat you to it!

The Smart Number auction process is changing

In high demand, these numbers are normally sold through fortnightly auctions administered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

From August 1 2015, however, a new website will be used to allocate Smart Numbers, and auctioning will be replaced by an over-the-counter option for immediate sale.

While phone words have been commonly used in the USA for more than 30 years, Australia is starting to catch up. Many companies are recognising their growing popularity here, and reserving their desired phone words to avoid losing out to industry competitors.