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Online Business Secrets You Can Apply To Any Small Business

Online Business Secrets You Can Apply To Any Small Business

The web can offer fabulous rewards for small businesses, if you know where to look. There are any number of tools and strategies that can save you time, increase your audience reach, and help you understand what’s working and what isn’t in order to grow your business. Here are four that can work for any small business, regardless of size or industry.

Web tricks of the trade are vital to any small business

1. Keywords

SEO (search engine optimisation) is one of the most effective ways to make sure your business is visible to potential customers, and to increase your audience reach. Use targeted keywords in all website content, meta descriptions and page tags. But remember not to stuff every blog article or product page with common search terms – Google will penalise you! It’s also important to make sure your site is optimised for viewing on mobile devices – your site is likely to slip down the search rankings if it’s not mobile-friendly.

This can have an incremental, flow-on effect, and can even impact on work/life balance. If you’re dedicating x amount of time to answering phones, that then means you have to add extra hours into the day to get your core work complete. Ultimately, you’re taking on an extra job that you haven’t budgeted or scheduled for.

2. Buying AdWords

Many businesses spread their net wide and will buy multiple AdWords across diverse platforms to try and reel in as many potential customers as possible. This can be very costly and can also lead to dilution of the message. You’re much better off with a smaller budget, targeting a very specific group (an AdGroup) and throwing your resources into that. A bit of initial study and research is required to find your ideal online audience. Then target them with a carefully pitched call to action (don’t make it obvious like “click here”) and use a tone of voice that will resonate.

3. A virtual toll free phone number

The internet can also be used in a number of practical ways to streamline your business processes and save time on everyday tasks such as answering phones. An example of this is a virtual 1800 number. With a package from evoice, you can have a toll free number and an automated phone system that greets your customers in a professional manner, directs their calls, and even converts voicemails to email so you never miss a call, even if you’re working remotely. It’s well worth considering setting up a 1800 phone number.

4. Review and refine with analytics

The web is a dynamic, iterative beast. You need to keep checking constantly what’s working and what isn’t, and update when needed. Here’s where web analytics are your friend. See what campaigns and keywords are pulling in results, and monitor the performance of your website and other marketing channels. It’s worth doing a course in web analytics, to make sure you interpret the data correctly. For instance, having a high number of page hits isn’t actually a good thing is users are also leaving within seconds.

Online the key to being competitive

The simple fact is that small businesses can’t afford to overlook web-based tools and strategies in order to grow. We live in a digital age, where every business is competing on the online battlefield. Failing to take advantage of the online resources that are available means you run the risk of your business falling behind.