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Five Ways to Build an Innovative Attitude into Your Business

Five Ways to Build an Innovative Attitude into Your Business

The decline of the Australian car manufacturing industry over recent years has seen the designers stepping in to fill the gap, coming up with some of the world’s leading car design innovations.

This year’s Detroit Auto Show saw two Victorian-designed vehicles winning prestigious awards – a Ford muscle car winning the Eyes on Design Award for best production vehicle, and a Buick Avenir claiming the USA Today Most Beautiful Car badge.

Cream rises, as they say. But what’s the secret? How can your business play a part in the fostering of new and exciting industry innovations?

Provide creative solutions to problems

When problems happen – and, of course, they will – see them as a challenge. That’s what the smart car designers from Campbellfield and Port Melbourne did. Refusing to get sucked into the general doom and gloom surrounding Australia’s shrinking car-building industry, they instead identified an area where their country could shine.

Selby Coxon, acting head of design at Monash University’s Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture (MADA), talked of the designers’ “subtle and inventive approach.”

“They integrate the technological sophistication required of today’s cars with elegance in both form and usability.”

Keep thinking

Try to think through and around problems, small or large, in your business. Look at things from different angles. If one area is failing, don’t instantly ditch it – look instead at possibilities in a related field, as in the design case. Is it possible to combine the best of three mediocre products into one quality one, for instance? Or could that ditched prototype be rescued with fresh eyes and minds giving valuable input?

Don’t say “it can’t be done”, but instead “how can it be done?” Sometimes simple trial and error is needed to try out all possibilities before hitting the jackpot.

Get your telecommunications in order

Go digital! Get with the new technology, and be creative along the way. See what a company like eVoice can offer in the way of a Customised Greeting. Innovate with a bespoke, studio-recorded greeting which can be customised to your own requirements. This ensures a friendly and professional first impression any time of night or day. Also try a virtual receptionist, able to take care of all your Call DistributionOverflow and Voice-to-Email needs 24/7, so freeing up your time for innovative potential.

Ask plenty of questions

Think about each product or service you offer and ask how to make it safer and cleaner; faster or slower; more convenient to use; easier to pack, store or transport; cheaper to buy, replace or repair; built to a more practical or appealing design; cheaper to produce; more smartly marketed.

And that’s just the start!

Be open to suggestions

This means suggestions not only from your employees, but also from your suppliers, customers and manufacturers. You never know where that one, magical piece of advice might come from.

Make it known that you welcome new ideas, however minor, and that all will be considered. Don’t be one of those bosses people won’t say boo to – take it all in and sort out the gems! Let your team know that you expect innovation, building a business culture of creativity and exploration.

This is really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to business enterprise and innovation, but it’s a great starting point. Good luck!