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How to get a 1800 number set up in a day

How to get a 1800 number set up in a day

1800 numbers supply the kind of professional image you want to project to your clients, especially if you are in the early stages of your business and are looking to attract new customers. 1800 numbers are free from landlines in Australia and they have professional features your existing mobile or home line cannot provide. Best of all, it’s easy to get a 1800 number – no additional hardware is required, and it works through your own landline or smartphone.

1800 number features

1800 numbers can be matched with a variety of features. Call distribution is a way of redirecting queries that come through your 1800 number, so that you never miss new business or an existing customer enquiry. Using eVoice’s eReceptionist, you can route incoming calls and messages to a colleague, your email, or to a customised greeting. It will distinguish between personal and business calls so you can give priority to either depending on your circumstances. eReceptionist can even route calls to a particular area of your business depending on which state they come from.

Call Forwarding and Voice-to-Email are standard, but with Call Overflow a back-up number makes sure your phone lines are free when volume increases. Restricted Call Access means you won’t receive nuisance calls, while Day Routing means calls are routed according to the day of the week. So if you are tied up in meetings on a Tuesday, your calls can be redirected to a colleague in the office.

How to get a 1800 number working for your business

Set up is done online, and you are guided through the process starting with a choice of available 1800 numbers. You are then asked which of your existing phone numbers you want the new 1800 number linked to. A choice from three plans follows: Starter, Most Popular and High Volume, each allowing a progressively higher number of free incoming calls per month. However, each plan includes the same call management features – 12 in total.

Once you have decided on your plan, you place your order. However, if you are still not sure how call management can benefit your business, you can sign-up with no contract and no sign-up fee. This will not only give you an idea of how the system works, it will show you what it can do by making your business more streamlined and efficient.

A 1800 number is one of the most recognisable ways of driving your business. Customers prefer them because they are perceived as being more professional and because they are free to call from landlines. Getting a 1800 number gives your business a credibility boost, helping you stand out among your competitors.