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How to Get a 1300 Number Set Up in a Day

How to Get a 1300 Number Set Up in a Day

You’ve identified the need for a 1300 number to promote your business and streamline communications. But just how difficult is it to get one? Here’s how the process works, and how to get a 1300 number in one day.

Decide on the type of number you want

Determine if you want a local issue number or a Smart Number. There’s a difference. A Smart Number can be alphanumeric and spell out a word on a keypad (1300 DELIVERY). Or it can be a pattern that’s easily memorable, for example, 1300 22 22 22. A local issue number still begins with the 1300 prefix but the rest of the number sequence is randomly generated. This means you may not end up with a number that’s quite as distinctive, but it will be quicker to set up.

Here’s how it can be used for business.

See if the number is available

If you want a Smart Number, you need to check out the Smart Number website. This lists all the available numbers and their status. You can punch in your chosen selection (for example 1300 GAME) and see if it comes up. The site will tell you if it’s been sold or leased, and to whom and when it will be available again. Local numbers are bought direct from telecommunication providers.

Purchase or lease the number

Smart Numbers are currently available at auction through the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). These cost around $42 to enter and the bidding can start from around $300. The cost of a number can vary. Some numbers have been known to sell for up to $20 000 – it really depends on the number itself and how popular it is.

It’s important to note though that this auction system is changing from August 1. A new website will be used to allocate numbers, which will be available for immediate sale rather than auction. If you do want to go ahead with a Smart Number, evoice can help you navigate these changes.

There are also 1300 numbers free of charge.

These are known as Free Numbers, and have been identified as not having a very memorable numerical sequence. You can get these from most providers as part of a monthly call package.

The other option is to lease a 1300 number. But think carefully about doing this. You may not necessarily be saving that much, and remember that owning the number means owning the brand and all the instant marketing that brings. The only reason you may want to consider leasing is either for short-term financial reasons, or if you’ve identified that your business has a finite life of a few years.

But in most cases, it’s ideal to have Rights of Use (ROU), which gives you exclusivity over the number. If the number you want is not available, you can try to negotiate with the rights holder and trade or purchase it from them. Otherwise, try thinking creatively and looking at a similar option that will still apply to your business.

Setting up the number

Once you’ve acquired your number, you’re ready to install it. Once installed, you can start receiving inbound calls. With evoice, your number comes with a range of features, including a Customised Greeting.

The benefits for your business

Once the 1300 number is set up, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of having a central point of customer contact, an immediate lifting of your brand’s profile, giving your customers a more professional and accessible experience, and allowing your business to be far more flexible and mobile.