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Five Ways Businesses Blindly Turn Away New Customers

Five Ways Businesses Blindly Turn Away New Customers

It’s hard enough in today’s competitive environment to make your product or service stand out from the crowd.

So why let potential customers slip through your fingers, because you’ve failed to lay the foundation stones necessary for any contemporary business?

Let’s look at the five building blocks of your customer base, and how they might be crumbling.

You’re neglecting requests for support during trial periods

It’s easy these days to try out a new platform or service for free. But it’s not much good if people sign up for your trial and you never touch base with them. You need to be there right at the start, to make the experience a standout for the user.

Make sure all requests for tech support or additional plan detail are answered immediately with clear and attractive information and options.

Consider an email marketing strategy as a great way to stay in contact with your trial users, and convert them into paying customers.

It’s easy to use your product but hard to pay for it

This sounds dumb, doesn’t it? But it happens a lot. Make sure you provide a range of payment methods to suit everybody’s needs. It’s no longer acceptable to rely on cash and cheques. People expect to be able to choose their preferred method of payment – including deposit to your bank account, credit card and PayPal.

Make sure online payments have clear and simple steps. Customers get very cranky if you make them fill out 20 fields or wade through jargon for the privilege of handing over their money.

Your phones are ringing and not being answered

Don’t rely exclusively on your website, because plenty of people still like to pick up the phone and call you. Make it as easy as possible for people to call, be answered promptly and professionally, and have their problems solved.

Consider a virtual receptionist through a company like eVoice. Create a truly smart phone to answer your calls 24/7. This will enable you to use Voice-to-Email, Call Distribution and Overflow, customise your voicemail, and catch all your phone traffic.

Use a 1300 number, a toll free 1800 number, or a Smart Number phone word of your choice to make it easier for customers to remember.

Your website is a mess

If your website is hard to navigate and poorly designed, potential customers will simply give up and go elsewhere. You need to make it easy to read and understand, as well as being logical and intuitive. All links need to be functional, with payment options clear and super-secure, so customers know their credit card details will be safely processed.

Make it mobile friendly with easy-to-find contact details. And respond swiftly to anyone who does contact you, for higher customer conversion.

You’re ignoring social media

Today’s customers are used to switching between smartphone, tablet and laptop in the blink of an eye. You need to have all their platforms of choice covered, or lose out to a competitor who is better connected.

Don’t miss online recommendations through failure to engage with the latest digital technology or social media. This is an invaluable marketing tool as many contemporary customers try a new brand due to shared recommendations on Facebook and Twitter.

Attending to the basics really can increase customer satisfaction, translating into increased sales.