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Call Forwarding and Routing

6 Ways to Use Call Routing and Forwarding for Efficiency

6 Ways to Use Call Routing and Forwarding for Efficiency

When you choose a Zintel toll free number for your business, you are also drawing on the free features included in what is known as the eReceptionist service.

Twelve features make up the bundle, which acts as a sort of virtual exchange, routing your calls where you want them to go. This is all done based on rules that you lay down, leaving you free to not answer the phone if you are busy with core business operations. Here are six ways this automatic system can make your business more efficient.

How call forwarding and routing keeps your business moving

1. Call Forwarding

It doesn’t matter where you are so long as you are near a mobile or landline because with Zintel’s eReceptionist features, you can forward calls to any number worldwide. This means that if you’re holiday in New Zealand and someone calls your Sydney office, they can get through to you regardless.

2. Voice-to-Email

Call forwarding also includes Voice-to-Email, which means you can receive voicemails as audio file attachments by email. There are two points to consider here. The first is that you will be able to access phone messages even when your landline or mobile is out of operation, because you’re using your email account. Secondly, you can build up an archive of the most important messages that you can play back whenever you need to check a detail.

3. Fax-to-Email

In a similar fashion, Zintel’s Fax-to-Email feature allows you to open your faxes on your computer – a real bonus if the fax machine is in the office or at home and you are interstate.

4. Call Routing

There are a number of ways that Call Routing can make answering and dealing with enquiries faster and more efficient. The built-in State Routing feature of the Zintel system means calls made from NSW and Queensland might be routed to one employee’s phone, while those from Victoria and Tassie could be sent to another. This way, you spread the workload between your staff and make sure they are concentrating their efforts on the geographical areas you’ve assigned them.

5. Time and Day Routing

Because you’re not always available every moment of the day, or every day of the week, you can combine the Time and Day Routing to direct calls to a particular location or to your mobile depending on what you are doing. This way you can schedule around your business meetings, lunch dates and weekends away.

6. Customised Greeting

Finally, the first point of contact between your business and new customers is the Customised Greeting feature that lets callers decide where they want to be put through to. Like the rest of Zintel’s eReceptionist features, the customised greeting is the interface between your business and potential new customers.

Streamline your business operations

Zintel’s call routing and forwarding features, can help you direct customers efficiently and professionally, without having to employee additional staff.