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What is Call Routing and How Can I Use it for Business?

What is Call Routing and How Can I Use it for Business?

Call Routing enables you to direct incoming calls to your business to specified answer points. Call Routing can provide an increased level of customer service, and allow you to deal with calls in the most efficient way possible.

What is Call Routing?

When you get a 1300 or a 1800 number through evoice, Call Routing is one of the features that is included with the eReceptionist. Call Routing can identify where callers are ringing from, and then make decisions on how to direct calls based on rules you have created for your business.

Here’s how it can be used for business.

Setting up the business rules

You can set up many rules to deal with the placement of calls. For example, if you’ve got a national profile, you can set up routing by state. So the automated system will identify a call from Queensland, and then re-route that call to an appropriate local number. This gives the customer a good experience, and they won’t feel lost in an automated phone maze.

You can also create other routing rules, such as directing calls by the time of the day, or the day of the week. This allows you to cover any regular meetings you have for example, while making sure not to miss out on business inquiries or potential customers. You can also change the rules at any point, say for holidays or certain times of the year. This means the phone system works around your business needs, rather than you being chained to the phone.

Routing menu options

You can also allow your customers to select where they want to be transferred to. If you set up a pre-recorded menu, the customer can then go directly to the appropriate answer point. This gives the customer more control over their communication and also makes your business seem more professional. It’s vital to ensure your customers have a smooth and seamless phone experience as the first point of contact with your business. A well tailored phone menu helps give them that experience.

Friendly phone greeting

Another benefit of Call Routing is that you can customise multiple phone greetings for anyone contacting your business. This ensures your brand message comes out the way you want it to, every time. It also means their initial contact with your business is a professional one. You can be assured they’ll be experiencing a warm and inviting tone, as you’ll have control over the pre-recorded message.

Call Routing offers an excellent tool for your business

Call Routing streamlines all communications into your business and allows you to filter calls as you would like. It means any customer contact is instantly dealt with appropriately and professionally.