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automated phone solutions

How Businesses Can Get Calls, Emails or Faxes From Anywhere

The latest technologies allow businesses to be truly mobile, and fully functional without an office. Here’s how you can use all the normal office communications, no matter where you are

Automated phone solutions

Virtual 1800 numbers in Australia are cost-effective and mean that you can be on the move and you’ll never miss a call. A virtual 1800 number can be routed through your mobile, allowing you to keep the same toll free number no matter your location – and your customers will never know!

With a 1800 number from eVoice, you also get the services of an eReceptionist to answer the phone when you’re not able to, and to take messages. Unlike human receptionists where you have little control over the answering message, you can be assured that each client will be greeted the same way with the eReceptionist. There’s also a capability to convert Voice-to-Email so that you’ll get an audio file if you’re unable to check your phone voicemail, and Call Routing features mean that there are multiple options for directing calls.

Automated fax solutions

In the same way you can have a virtual phone number for all business inquiries, you can set up Fax-to-Email as well. This means that faxes come through directly to your nominated email inbox. Online faxing saves on paper, toner, maintenance and all the other costs you normally associate with bulky old-fashioned fax machines. You can also have the fax sent through as a text message, depending on what suits you.

Virtual email solutions

The beauty of automated virtual offices is that you have total flexibility over the platform or media that you receive communications through. So if you’re out on location, there are any number of web-based email programs you can use.

Flexible communication solutions improve your business

Having the capability to send and receive calls, faxes and emails from anywhere can instantly free up your business. It allows you to work in any location you want, secure in the knowledge that you’re not missing out on important inquiries.

There’s a lot of expense involved in maintaining an office, so if you’re a small business, or you don’t need to meet with clients on a regular basis, you can save yourself money and gain the ultimate in convenience by not having an office.