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Why Every Home-Based Business Should Use Zintel

Why Every Home-Based Business Should Use Zintel

Starting a business is not easy, there’s business plans, bank loans, stock purchase, advertising, and of course customers – everyone wants a piece of your time. Meanwhile, if you are a sole operator, you are trying to produce the goods or provide the services that are your core business. How do you have the time to answer all those calls, listen to messages and respond thoughtfully and decisively?

The solution is to use one of eVoice’s toll free services. This allocates a new number specifically for your business and links it to your existing phone service so you’re not paying for an additional phone line. Although customers associate toll free 1800 numbers with professional services, the hidden value of assigning a toll free number through eVoice is the suite of virtual receptionist services that come along with your plan. These add a professional sheen to the way your customers’ calls are received.

eVoice with your Call Management features – your virtual front of house

Once you have chosen your toll free number via the eVoice website, you choose one of three plans depending on your anticipated rate of incoming calls. The aptly named Most Popular plan is probably a good one to start with. Usually it’s $35 per month, you can sign-up with no contract and no sign-up fee so you can see the value of the service to your business.

Bundled with the plan is the real magic of the eVoice system – the call management features. These act as a filter between your customers and you. There are 12 features, including Call Distribution, Call ForwardingVoice-to-Email and Customised Greeting. Call Distribution works by channeling a caller to a colleague’s phone, your office, the warehouse, or any number based on pre-defined rules. This means callers will get to speak to someone, a bonus considering two-thirds of callers don’t leave messages. Call Forwarding routes all calls to your mobile, no matter whether you are out on the road, at home or at the office – great if there’s no one there to answer the office landline.

Voice-to-Email sends an audio file of messages to your email account so you can listen to them from your computer, especially handy when the mobile is out of action.

Customised greetings can be recorded by a professional voice over artist chosen from a range of genders and ages to appeal to your customers.

Another handy feature is Call Recording, which allows you to record inbound calls so you can listen to them again to make sure you understand what the customer wants.

More professional with a 1800 number and Call Management features

eVoice is in the business of making your business more successful – and being more successful depends a lot on the first impression you make to potential customers. By having a toll free number and the professional services of a receptionist without the cost of a real life receptionist, your business is in the right position to take on the big boys.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step – and your first step to becoming a successful business is signing up to a eVoice toll free number plan with no contract and no set-up fees.