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Mature Business

Business expertise to help you
maximise your potential.

We have the answer to your problem

Challenges we know you face as a Start-up Business.

Optimising your call handling

Our impressive suite of call features allows you to plan and execute your call handling to a more sophisticated level. With Zintel, you can configure complex routing and smart call handling which can also change and evolve with your needs.

Utilising powerful data

Smart businesses rely on data to make informed decisions. With Zintel you can see exactly what’s happening in your inbound communication channels so that you can make improvements and become more efficient. Our data platform gives you actionable insights so you can stop wondering what’s going on and get real answers.

24/7 reliable fault support

We understand that time is money and you really need support you can always rely on. At Zintel we are available 24/7 to make sure you never miss a beat. Thousands of Aussie businesses reach out to us for ideas and support on how to make the most of our service. We’ll help you give your customers the very best experience, every time.

Zintel Solutions.

Multiple Numbers for each Location

Call Analytics for Data & Insights

State Routing for managing multiple locations

IVR for getting the right calls to the right people

Easy move up and down plans without penalty for the busy seasons

Multiple Numbers for different campaigns that you keep for the life of the campaign

We have the solution for your problem

We understand businesses just like yours

We set up small businesses to become big businesses.

Opening more locations requires a new plan and new support. Customers want a smooth experience of dealing with your company, but this can become more challenging when you have more locations and multiple employees. Invest in a quality brand experience for your customers, and have the right technology to support your inbound number, and the flexibility to change it as you need to. Don’t become a victim of your own growth and success.

  • Scalable
  • Data & Insights
  • Privacy
  • Professional Look
Transfer Existing Number

Make the Switch without missing a beat!

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Complete freedom of choice!

Keep your existing numbers or pick new numbers

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We make switching seamless

Zero downtime, no porting fees, 30 day money back guarantee

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Start saving with our all-inclusive plans

Plans start from $15 a month with
included calls and call features

Risk Free 30 Day Money Back Guarantee | No Porting Fees

Transfer your number

We allow you to get the most out of your number.

Had no issues. I would recommend Zintel. Simple pricing structure and plans.

Too often we speak with customers who are doing a great job but are missing important phone calls. Sound familiar? Missed calls really affect new businesses because in the early days you’re still building your reputation and relying on every sale.

Luckily, the frustration of missed calls is preventable and easy to fix with Zintel. We can make such a difference to your small business. With our knowledge, support and services, we’ll help you look big, feel professional and put an end to your calls going to your competitors.

Number Type 1300 Number
Call Features Day Routing
State Routing
Plan Basic
Recommended Products & Services

Finding the perfect solution for your specific needs.

This great value package is a hit with start-ups. However all businesses are different so let’s chat about your situation. The last thing we want is for you to be paying for things you don’t need…or for you to miss out on the features that could make a huge difference.

Included Value



Most Startup Businesses get:

1300 Number for the professional look or Local Virtual Number if you are a storefront.

Equip your business with all our most powerful features to ensure you always deliver a consistent, premium customer experience. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing we’re always here for you with reliable, unlimited 24/7 support.

All businesses are different

Chat with us to discuss what plan is perfect for your Growing Business

Your Business Journey

We are here to help at every stage of your business.

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Start-Up Business

Start-Up Business

We’ll help you start your business off on the right foot by enabling you to project the professional image of a larger business. Our call features will also give you the flexibility to work from anywhere while helping you maintain a work-life balance.

Growing Business

Growing Business

Getting serious? We’ll help you advance your business by showing you what marketing is working and how you could be more efficient. When you start to manage multiple locations and employ more staff, we’ll give you the tools to maintain a consistent, high quality customer experience.

Mature Business

Mature Business

We’re the trusted business partner you can always rely on. Our team is on hand 24/7 to help you the minute you need us and we give you smart data insights with actionable improvements so you can stay on top of your game.

Frequently Asked Questions.

No, to obtain a 1300 number, you must purchase one of our zintel plans where the number is included. Also, for your customers, it will cost them the same rate as a standard local call to call your 1300 number.

Setting up your 1300 number is easy. Simply choose the number from our online store, choose your plan, setup your features and we will set it up for you within 1-2 days (for simple connections).

There are no additional costs to get a zintel 1300 Number from our shop. It comes inclusive with our plans, you can simply choose a number, plan and the number is yours. Depending on your plan, once you have your included minutes you will be charged additional depending on your answer point.

No, the cost for calling a 1300 number from a mobile will be determined by the mobile phone service provider.

No, a 1300 number is not toll free, unlike an 1800 Number. Calling a 1300 number from a landline will cost your customers the same rate as a standard local call.

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Need help signing up? We’re always here to help.

We’ll help find the best plan and Number for your Mature Business.