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Call Tracking

Call tracking and reporting is amongst the most valuable business and operations tools you can have in your back pocket. Gaining valuable data insights via telephone call tracking into how your customer relations team operates, how your customers journey through your business and where you need to concentrate your efforts saves you not only time and money, but also helps to propel your business closer toward reaching your goals.

Zintel is not a call tracking company in the same way that Advansar or Jet Interactive is. Instead, we offer business customers tailored contact numbers and extensive reporting on those new numbers for our clients. Our Virtual Inbound Solutions can offer a business access to greater insights about customer behaviours and business performance than with just a traditional telephony set up.


How does call tracking work?

Call tracking by Zintel is delivered to you in the form of an intuitive and easy to navigate report containing insights on the performance of your 13/1300/1800 and virtual local numbers. We use the latest software solutions to create call tracking numbers like 13/1300/1800 and virtual local numbers and present detailed reports on the performance of your new business calls to these numbers.

Our call tracking report will contain all of the relevant information you need to identify insights like trends in your market, strengths and weaknesses of current marketing campaigns or advertising strategies, the highest performing sales regions and the highest performing customer service representatives as well as things like call time, call responsiveness and call durations. Our call tracking reports are thorough, relevant and accurate snapshots of how your business is excelling with customer relations and communications.

Our call tracking and analytics can be delivered for any of our inbound numbers including toll-free 1800 numbers, national 1300 numbers and local virtual numbers. Reports come in the form of Excel, PDF or CSV formats for easy and reliable compatibility anywhere, using any system.

Why is call tracking important?

Call tracking performs a vital information gathering and monitoring function for your business, no matter how big or small. At an operational level, receiving accurate and current reports about the volume of calls your business receives, the average length of a call, how many calls are missed and what time of the day or which agents receive the most calls can offer you valuable insights into how your business functions and offer areas where improvement or innovation can promote higher efficiency levels, happier customers and more motivated and committed staff who feel supported by the solutions you put in place.

For example, use the insights you derive from your call tracking reports to design staff rosters which reflect peak call times. Ensure that there is plenty of staff available during high peak times and adjust accordingly for off peak times. This helps you to more dedicate operational resources where they are likely to be the most effective and avoid over-committing staff teams.

Our range of analytics and reports can also help your business to design technological and cutting edge software solutions to common call centre issues. For example, you can use our range of intuitive telecommunications tools like time and day based call routing. This means that customers who call your number are routed automatically the most appropriate responder, whether that’s a dedicated agent in their local area or a messaging service which can take their details thoroughly and notify the agent of your choosing. Use your customer and caller insights to help you design smarter ways of relating to your customers and reduce costs with targeted solutions and answers you uncover.

Our inbound call recording facility helps to keep your customer service agents supported and fosters an environment where importance is placed on learning, clarifying and maintaining the highest levels of support. Use recorded calls to help highlight and train your staff as well as protect your staff and customers.

How much does call tracking cost?

We offer a range of telecommunication solutions and plans to suit Australian businesses of all sizes and shapes. All of our service offerings can be tailored to your individual business needs by experts in their field who know how to support your business the best way. Our services are also scalable which means they can be applied to any business model at any stage of growth and accommodate your business as it grows into the national brand presence you’re looking for.

You can use our intuitive online store to get started today. Simply choose your number type from our available options: national 1300 numbers, national toll-free 1800 numbers, smart numbers or phone words, and local virtual numbers. Once you have chosen the number (or ported your existing number) then it’s time to choose the plan that suits your business best. Plans start at just $0 per month and can include call credit/minutes as standard which actually equate to more than the plan cost, ensuring that you’re getting the highest value for money we can offer. Included features capture your call forwarding needs, voice to email, call tracking and reporting, call overflow and are delivered through our easy to navigate online My Zintel Portal from which you can manage and track your plan and business needs.

All of our plans come with standard and essential call features to get you started and are backed by Tier 1 corporate networks throughout Australia to deliver the highest standards. There are no scratchy phone lines or call drop outs. We’ll support your business image with the best networks and software solutions to ensure that your business continues to build legitimacy and trust within your customer markets.

If you’re ready to get started then simply visit our online store and choose your number, your plan and the call features your business needs. If you’re still unsure about whether Zintel call management and call tracking can help your business achieve its objectives, then please get in contact with an expert today. We’ll take you through everything we offer and how we can tailor it to supporting your business and industry goals.