4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Business Phone System

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4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Business Phone System

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Business Phone System

Back in the old days, when you were choosing a phone system to be installed for your business, there really wasn’t much choice at all. You’d go with a basic landline option, and that was pretty much it!

Nowadays, however, there’s much more choice available when it comes to selecting a business phone system. Do you need to install traditional office phones, or would you be better off with a virtual phone service? How will your choice affect the other aspects of your business? There’s just so much to keep in mind.

To help make your decision easier, here are a few things you may not have thought to consider when choosing a business phone system.

Cloud services

A lot more business is being done ‘in the cloud’ these days. Cloud computing is gaining more and more popularity due to its tech-savvy thinking and its convenience for businesses. But how does it fit in with a business phone system, you may ask?

Well, when it comes to modern-day communication solutions, cloud services can play a bigger role than you might think. To make things much more convenient for businesses and their customers alike, many phone systems are now virtual (a.k.a. cloud-based).

This means that you can choose a communications solution where the provider rents you all the equipment you need and hosts your system in the cloud. Your calls are conducted via the internet, which means even your smartphone can perform all the functions of a basic business telephone service, including call routing, screening, multiple extensions and so on.

Small business VoIP

So, how exactly can small businesses utilise cloud-based or virtual phone systems? Well, the main type of virtual system in use is called VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. This refers to the management of voice information over the internet rather than a traditional phone line or system.

Usually much cheaper and more easily manageable than a landline system, VoIP utilises the internet connection you already have in place to provide sophisticated services, such as call queues and computer integration (for example, voicemails being automatically converted and directed to email inboxes).

Paperless technology

There’s definitely been a move towards the ‘paperless office’ in recent years. Digital is the way of the future, and that means less traditional office equipment and systems, and more virtual solutions! As well as being technologically progressive, this mindset is much more beneficial to the environment, as it lessens a business’ carbon footprint significantly.

‘Paperless’ technology now extends to business phone systems, too. When you install a virtual system that uses VoIP and/or cloud computing solutions, you’re doing your part to ensure that your office is up-to-date with the latest and most environmentally friendly equipment and technology.

Marketing and social media

You may not have equated your business phone system with your marketing and social media strategies, but the truth is that these things should all go hand in hand. Virtual phone solutions like the ones we’ve discussed above can play a real part in keeping your marketing and online presence successful.

Just think about it. If the rest of your systems, such as marketing, are all hosted pretty much entirely online, doesn’t it make sense to migrate your phone systems there, too? That way you can be sure to capitalise on any success you have through marketing or social media campaigns by allowing your customers to get in touch with you as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Furthermore, you can employ services such as campaign performance tracking through phone service providers. Your marketing team simply assigns a unique number to each campaign they develop, and you have instant access to reliable stats and data about what your best sources of traffic are.


With all this in mind, it’s time to consider your options for a business phone system that will suit your needs. Get in touch with a trusted provider such as Zintel, which offers a wide range of products and tech-savvy solutions to help your business get communicating.

Digital and virtual phone systems are the way of the future, so be sure to get your business moving in the right direction when you choose a system!