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More than just a number.
It’s a Business Solution.

Transform your business inbound number with features that will improve
your customer experience and help you manage and grow your business

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Flexible Pricing to grow with your needs.

1300 Numbers
$5.00 each/
$3.75 each/
1800 Numbers
$5.00 each/
$3.75 each/
Local Virtual Numbers
$5.00 each/
$3.75 each/
New Zealand Numbers
$10.00 each/
$3.75 each/

• Need more numbers?
• Need a Smart number?
• Need a 13 Number?

We can help


We answer your calls when you can’t
Never miss a call again!

Instantly improve your Call Centre with our included call features. Perfect for businesses that operate 24/7, but their office hours don’t. Our Call Center provides real human phone answering services and captures calls, and books appointments, that would otherwise be lost.

24/7 Tailored
Call Handled
Professional Agents
will Answer Your Calls
Use your
Custom Scripts

The numbers behind the numbers.


Virtual numbers powered by Zintel


Connected calls per month


Reliable Tier 1 Network

Numbers that mean business.

Making smarter connections is just a call away with advanced routing, call management and reporting capabilities that make every number a winning number.

Exclusive Inclusives

Exclusive Inclusives.

What makes Zintel numbers so effective is all the proprietary technology that powers every number. From start-ups that need to stand out to big business that needs to simplify complexity, Zintel has the smarter answer.

From intelligent call routing connecting calls faster, to features that help manage staff and improve productivity, one number with Zintel provides endless possibilities.

Performance Performance

Discover the power of numbers.

Unlocking the power of your numbers is what we do best. We help businesses unlock the full potential of their numbers with market-leading capabilities only possible with access to world-class technology & expertise Zintel is known for.

  • Measure marketing success through better insight
  • Optimise operational & staff performance
  • Capture more sales opportunities with more control
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Connection Connection

Create meaningful connections
that matter.

Move beyond just connectivity to enabling connections that drive the right conversations the first time, every time. Empower your people to connect smarter with customers while finding more of your best customers.

  • Deliver calls from anywhere to anyone on any phone.
  • Manage calls around your people & schedule.
  • Know your customers better than ever.
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Collaboration Collaboration

Strength in numbers.

Meet the swiss army knife that can do it all. Seamless collaboration with prospects, customers, suppliers & your people. A single number with built in power, connects conversations from virtually anywhere, keeping you & your people connected.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Unified national and local presence
  • Organisational operational excellence
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I love the fact that every day we help our clients connect with their customers. We use our numbers and advanced technology to drive better customer engagements for businesses of all sizes.
Head of Operations

We can tell you things about your customers even they don’t know.

Ic stats

Growth Insights

Uncover missed opportunities
and start accelerating growth.

  • Know your best day, scale to your biggest day
  • What campaigns drive the most calls
  • Which audience is responding from where
Ic return of investment

Operational Insights

Discover untapped efficiencies and
resource bottlenecks.

  • Utilise your staffing resources around your incoming activity.
  • Pinpoint the exact days you are missing incoming calls.
  • Understand the breakdown of complete, incomplete and missed.
Ic time clock

Performance Insights

Measure performance then optimise,
refine & measure.

  • Identify call traffic by geographic region, day & time
  • Measure the performance of staff, teams, offices or external partners
  • Monitor campaign response rates and lead quality

Be number smart everywhere.

Sales and Operations

Capture phone calls round the clock and implement smart solutions to prevent missed opportunities, effectively utilise your whole team and improve performance visibility.

Revenue Leaders

Increase visibility into all critical functions of the customer facing business while using call insights to drive billing forecasts, expansion opportunities, costs savings & ROI metrics.

Sales Managers

Gain insight and control over both call volumes and workforce management. Implement advanced routing smarts aligned to schedules, rosters & remote working teams.

Mobile Teams

Solutions designed for remote workers, mobile teams and on-site teams to co-exist seamlessly with intelligent call flows that connect your people with customers wherever they are.


Track, measure and optimise all marketing activity by connecting the dots between online response vs. offline. Optimise budgets and channels towards best performing campaigns.

Customer Success Manager

Ability to engage with both new and existing customers is key to retention. Ability for them to easily reach your teams for support requires a smarter way of connecting where ever they are.